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Glenn Baxley
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Glenn Baxley's Guide Service

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Santee Bassin specializing in working for the novice anglers looking for instructions for various techniques to the advanced bass fisherman that my be looking for prime water. From the novice to the veteran, Santee Bassin will fulfill you fishing experience.

Jack Pavey
JJack Pavey
New Holland, Ohio - 7lbs 2ozs
Pre-Spwan Bass
Jay Stoddard
Jay Stoddard
St. Albans, VT - 6lbs 13ozs
caught Sight Fishing


Full Day Rate: $300.00
Half Day Rate: $200.00
(rates are for one or two people)

For more information and availability, please call
843-753-3269 or contact us by email.

We also offer night fishing trips during the months of June, July, and August.




What we provide

You will be fishing out of a Triton TR21 eXecutive with a 250 Mercury Pro XS. We will take care of providing the fuel and tackle - rods, reels (spinning and baitcasters) and artificial baits. If you would prefer to use your own equipment and favorite baits, bring them! There is also a Digital camera on board to take snap shots of your catch.

What you should bring

Soft drinks, bottled water, and any snacks or food that you would like to have during the day. We will have ice on board to keep everything cool. Don't forget to bring appropriate clothing, especially if you are sensitive to the sun. Long sleeve shirts, pants, and closed shoes (sandals are not a good idea if your feet are not already tanned (burned feet can be excruciatingly painful). Comfortable shoes, polarized sunglasses and a hat are all highly recommended. We do have sunscreen on board, but if you need higher protection, make sure you bring that also.
Fishing License: You will need a South Carolina fishing license. You can buy your license online now from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources website.

Triton Boat

Customer Comments

Our club tourney(19 fisherman on this trip) was held on Santee Cooper out of Harry's Fish Camp Sat. Feb.27th, we fished from 7am-4pm. It was a very tough day on the lake as many people found out the hard way. I (Barret) knew it would be a tough day on the lake because of unstable weather and a lot of fresh (muddy) water on both the upper and lower lake. About 8 or so of our guys even went down to the lake Friday to practice for the tournament and they all zeroed from what I was told, I and my dad didn't have the chance to practice because I am currently still in college, but I had a Secret Weapon.....Glenn Baxley who is a local guide on Santee, I contacted him over the phone and he provided a back water pond that had all the right ingredients for pre-spawn fishing, it had dark water, deep water (6-8ft) in some spots, cover, and most importantly bass, if you could get them to bite. Glenn had suggested to me that we should stay in there the whole day and just work it really good and to capitalize on every bite that we got. Even though I have never met or talked with Glenn before I decided to take a gamble and follow his advice. First thing that morning I boated a nice 2.5 lb bass on a rattle trap the color of the trap was actually one that Glenn suggested for me to fish, I thought I might have been on a trap bite, but I was fooled I fished that area for about another hour or two with my rattle trap and all I got was a 8in jack and a SORE arm the next day from ripping it through pads and grass. We went with out another bite until about 2pm when I finally boated a small keeper on a drop shot rig (believe it or not) and with in the next hour I boated another two keepers and my dad boated one from a stretch of bank about 10 yards long i caught a fifth bass but he was too small to keep :( and around 3pm or so another one of our guys came into the same pond and he boated a nice 3.5 lb bass right from where I had caught my first keeper that morning. Glenn had informed that this pond was a community hole and we had about 5 boats come through the pond during the day, but none of them besides us and our other angler boated any keepers that I could see. I figured that I would hopefully finish in the money with my four keepers, but believe it or not at the weigh in every body else had ZEROED for the day except for me, my dad, and the other angler!!!!! My four fish weighed in around a measly 7lbs (1st place) 2nd place and big fish went to the other angler with one fish around 3.5lbs and my dad finished 3rd with one keeper at 1.43lbs!!!! So if you ask me the result of me and my dad's tournament out come was due in large part to the help of Glenn Baxley!!!! I would strongly recommend him as a guide to any body who is unfamiliar with Santee Cooper, his web site is his phone number is (843)-753-3269. This has proven to me that if Glenn can give me advice over the phone and ultimately put me on the right fish to win a tournament with that he is surely worth every penny of your money as a guide, because as soon as I finish up college and get some money together I will definitely be booking a trip with him.

God bless you Glenn and all how post helps and tips on here.


Thanks so much for the great day on Santee Cooper! My son Jeremy who lives in Columbia and I wanted to learn more about Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie. I feel you did and excellent job of helping us learn more about the lakes and putting us onto fish. I have used guides on Lake Erie and don't think any of them worked as hard to prepare for our trip and to teach us about the lake and how to fish it. I know you even pre-fished the day before we came to know how to help us enjoy our day. I was impressed that you even called one of your former clients that you knew was on the lake to help him find fish. I am hopeful that I can get back down to fish Lake Marion and Moultrie and if I do I would feel confident that I could call you for information. It was a very enjoyable trip and one I will remember for a long time. Thanks again and good fishing.

Dave Nawyn
Orrville Ohio


To Glenn my Guide. If anyone is looking for a guide on Santee, You will come highly recommend as one of the most professional Guides I have every been on the water with. Glenn met me the morning we went out for coffee first, then on to discussing the lake. He presented me with a folder he had prepared for me with a copy of the Lake Numbers, his card and what really impressed me was the Aerial Map of the Lake. It was such a valued tool for me!! Any one fishing Santee Cooper Lakes knows it is a dangerous lake to run.

Thank You ,
Diana Mason (Lady Di)
Pro Tour/WBFA (Womens Bass Fishing Association)


Thank you for all the info and tips you gave us last Sunday. As a result of your guidance, we had a good trip. We did real good on Wednesday fishing Cypress trees with Senkos. We caught 8 bass, smallest being @2# and the largest around 3-1/2#. A lot of the fish were caught along the trees in the channel above your house. Wish we could have hit the trees Wednesday out by Chimney Island but I needed to keep my father in sheltered areas. Thanks again and if I hear of anyone looking for a Professional Guide down there, I will highly recommend they contact you.

Brad Pfrrman


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